About us

Formulating Innovative Digital Strategies Since 2013

Established in 2013, Credence is one of the leading premier full-service software design and development companies in the digital space. We cater to a global clientele serving customers across several domains to help businesses rise to the top of their industries and align with their organization’s goals. 

Redefining Futuristic

At Credence, we always stay on top of our game by keeping up with the latest industry trends to ensure that we deliver high-performing products that help businesses Meet Their Future. Behind us is a team of highly skilled professionals, ready to deliver top-notch industry-standard products that transcend excellence in all their aspects.


Our ambition is to help businesses grow by keeping them ahead of their competition, formulating unique digital strategies and solutions that are authentic in design and tailored to their vision and goals. Our products are targeted at forging meaningful digital connections between businesses with their target end-users and customers alike, streamlining operations, and accelerating performance through unique digital experiences.